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i love, love, love supporting local mommies doing business. remember my little mamas session?  such great headbands! i was recently contacted by another local business- cheri is in the application process for the television show "shark tank" and needed product photos. "shark tank" happens to be my hubby's favorite.show.ever. so how could i say no? and when i saw how adorable her stuff was, i was super excited to photograph it! i asked my dear friend


March 19, 2012

rose is one of those friends you've had so long,you really can't even remember when you met.or how you met.it's like she's just always been there.rose has been a sweet part of our lives for over a decade.we've shared a lot of life together-camps, church, youth ministry, kiddos...the bachmans love rose.(not to mention, rose & i have the same birthday.  i think that automatically makes us kindred spirits)rose has an