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sweet liliana is truly a gift. and she may have the  most amazing baby lips i've ever seen! she's already a lucky little lady to be born into such a wonderful family.

darling little millie wasn't too sure about me at first, but once she realized she could crawl she was quite happy to show off her skills!

sweet barrett was a beautiful newborn, and he just keeps getting even more gorgeous! i seriously did not edit his eyes AT ALL… they are just this amazingly blue!!! barrett- you are not only a beautiful baby, but also quite the little sweetie. i love watching you grow, happy boy.

just in case you were wondering what the definition of adorable is…. meet miss olivia harper. i have just loved capturing this precious girl at her newborn session, four month session, and now at eight months. seriously…she's so sweet, i could just eat her up. and just for fun… here's a little collage

this baby girl is so very special to me. i have had the incredible opportunity to photograph so much of her little life- from her maternity session, to being present at her birth, meeting her big sister for the first time, her newborn session, and her seven month session.  (we've also had a fun monthly project happening that i can't wait to share!) she may be the most well-documented baby ever. we had to

 this year for halloween, jackson, isabella + charlotte transformed  into peter pan, wendy, and tinker bell.  we spent a lovely evening playing together in neverland....         (in case this is your first time checking out bachmanville photography, these are definitely different than my photographs normally look, but we wanted them to look dreamy and 'neverlandy' :)  ) and here is last year's superhero halloween session in case you need more costume cuteness

i love, love, love it when clients have a vision for their session. it's always so fun to try something new! so when rachel said she wanted to do a 50's themed session, i was all in. i had a blast with this great little family- we started at the cutest little diner in old town orange called the old towne diner. then we headed down to the circle so little miss annabelle could

a beautiful little girl. a tea party with friends. can life get any better?  it's fun to capture all of a child's fun little faces, not just the smiling ones.  i always love seeing their 'silly faces' too! the weather turned very cold and windy, and sweet little morgan wasn't feeling too well. she was such a trooper! but... she was is also three. and when a three year old is done, they are done!     even not feeling well,

i was so glad that little ephram was born just days before my trip. that meant i was able to take pics of him in the hospital and at his home. but we had to do a real newborn portrait session for him too, even though he was just three days old (not normally when i photograph newborns... just a day or two too early!). he wasn't too sure if he wanted to cooperate with

to celebrate father's day this year, i did a quick little 'superhero' session with my kiddos. we walked to the park down the street and they showed me their best superhero moves. we think their daddy is pretty super, and he's definitely our hero!