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the borroto family

October 15, 2013

such genuine love and affection for one another- borroto family...i absolutely loved my time capturing your family.

to celebrate father's day this year, i did a quick little 'superhero' session with my kiddos. we walked to the park down the street and they showed me their best superhero moves. we think their daddy is pretty super, and he's definitely our hero!

two :: four :: six

April 3, 2012

i love my children.i love taking pictures of other people's children.i do not, however, always love taking pictures of my own children.for everyday snapshots, it's no big deal.but when i decide i want to really take pictures of them....those are the days when it's crazy windy, the waves at the beach are too big, and someone falls asleep in the car ride over and wakes up cranky.i had wanted to take