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so tiny. so beautiful.

darling little eli loved being on his back and slept so peacefully for me.

this handsome little guy wasn't on my schedule until may, but he decided to arrive five weeks ahead of schedule.  such a tiny peanut with totally awesome hair.

isn't she lovely?

beautiful capri le- her middle name means happiness. i think she was named perfectly. and with those amazing lips, i bet her mommy + daddy just kiss her all the time.

i adore my job. i have the incredible privilege of photographing brand new babies- each of them so beautiful. so special so unique. and every once in awhile....the baby is extra special to me, because it's the baby of a friend. andrew and cambria are some of our closest, dearest friends- the kind of friends you go on vacations to other countries with.  we watched them meet, fall in love, and stood beside them at

she's an itty-bitty bundle of sweetness

sweet miss adelyn.   with those rosy cheeks and perfect little pout, you are just so pretty. but oh.... you made me work, little one.  but i don't mind.  you are 100% worth it. and look at all the loveliness we captured together!  

this sweet baby boy arrived much earlier than expected, so he was already a month old when i finally got to see him.....  and still such a tiny peanut! handsome little vincent was a  rockstar for his session, sleeping straight through and we finished in record time! he even gave me some sweet smiles along the way.

getting the email to photograph newborn triplets was both terrifying and exciting (especially since the shoot would have to be the very next day!)... so special to photograph three beautiful babies but... three babies!  anything could happen! well these gorgeous little loves were amazing for us, even easier than some of my sessions with just one baby. it was such an honor to photograph the amazingly beautiful grace, james, and miles. i love looking