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happy halloween 2014!

October 31, 2014

happy halloween!!! every year, i just LOVE coordinating my kids halloween costumes.... in 2013 they were peter pan, wendy, and tinkerbell in 2012 they were captain america, wonder woman, and catwoman in 2011 they were dorothy, the tin man, and the lion well this year... my kids had their own ideas.  the girls wanted to be elsa and anna from frozen (along with every other little girl on this continent) and my son wanted to

happy halloween 2013

October 30, 2013

adorable kiddos in halloween costumes. is there anything cuter? this year's halloween mini sessions were chock-full of amazingness. get ready to say "awwww"! i seriously can.not.handle.how.cute.this.is. a little mouse in a mousetrap?  complete with cheese? i had to share two pictures because.... i just had to. you know i love coordinating sibling costumes (check out my kiddos in their peter pan inspired costumes here) so this year did not disappoint! the cutest 5-week-old superheroes you've ever seen a pirate and his

 this year for halloween, jackson, isabella + charlotte transformed  into peter pan, wendy, and tinker bell.  we spent a lovely evening playing together in neverland....         (in case this is your first time checking out bachmanville photography, these are definitely different than my photographs normally look, but we wanted them to look dreamy and 'neverlandy' :)  ) and here is last year's superhero halloween session in case you need more costume cuteness

have a SUPER halloween!

October 30, 2012

happy halloween from the bachman family! we decided on a superhero theme this year: jackson is captain america, isabella is wonder woman, and charlotte is catwoman- ready to rid the world of evil... and candy! have a wonderful night and don't steal too many treats from your kids :)

i love halloween. i don't love the yucky, gory part. but the pumpkin patch, jack-o-lantern carving, and pumpkin pie part... yes. and most of all- i love kids in costumes. admittedly, i start thinking about my own childrens' costumes in the summer. every year, bachmanville photography has a costume portrait day, thanking clients and friends for a great year. this year was SO much fun. over 40 kids in one day... totally crazy, but totally wonderful. sit back and