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the dunn family

December 12, 2012

beautiful nature. gorgeous evening light. the love of a family. perfection.

when i first met austin for his newborn session, he was just a month old but already had amazing hair. well six months later, he just keeps getting cuter, and his hair is even more awesome.  austin, i had so much fun with you! what a happy, sweet little man you are.

the meschuk family

December 6, 2012

i first met jodie when she brought beautiful baby adeline in for her newborn session. i totally loved both of them (and those photos are still some of my favorites). we have a lot in common, so it was great to get to meet the boys in her life for a family session. all three kiddos are absolutely beautiful and so precious. we got to watch the trains coming into the station, which was BIG

don't let this little guy's size fool you.. he may only be five pounds and ten ounces and totally adorable, but he already knows what he does and does not want..... and what he did not want was to have his pictures taken ;) we were able to wait him out and still get some sweet pictures of his tiny little self and all that amazing blonde, curly hair. little charlie, you are one awesome, tiny

the fajardo family

December 2, 2012

this is the third time this year i've been able to photograph this family, first for maternity photos, and then for little olivia's newborn session. since the maternity pics, they have become very sweet friends.... they are truly a remarkable, fun family. fajardos... i not only like you, i love you guys!

the states family

November 29, 2012

one of my favorite things is when i meet amazing people as clients, and then i get to work with them again. i first met this family when little maliyah was a newborn, and look how she has grown! this family has been through a lot this year- soon after maliyah was born, leith was sent to afghanistan for three months. i was inspired and encouraged to watch their faith through this time... they truly are

watch out, world. the cutest little smile and set of dimples you've ever seen just arrived. greyson is six pounds of adorable, and gave me so many sweet smiles. i think i'm in love.

i was so happy when zoey's mommy won my contest my few months back, because i knew that meant i'd get to love on this precious little girl. sweet zoey wasn't too sure if she wanted her pictures taken, but she eventually decided to get sleepy for us. she is a lucky little girl, joining an amazing family. zoey.... you are awesome. and of course we needed a pic of big sister, stella :)

the friend family

November 25, 2012

this beautiful family was full of spunk and fun! two energetic boys, a face-full of orange highlighter, and a goldfish-loving little sister.... we were busy during this session. but the love and joy this family has for one another is a joy to be around. thank you, friend family!  you guys are awesome.

fall means family sessions, which i absolutely love. but it had been almost a month since i'd had a newborn session, and i was missing the itty bitty babies. lucky for me, i got to snuggle not one but TWO beautiful baby boys. remember florence + billy?  their sweet sons are here and absolutely perfect. i loved how they kept grabbing each other's hand :)  little elijah sweet ezekiel and this one just made me laugh :) mommy wanted one