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client love

one of my favorite things is the awesome people I get to meet!  i usually leave a session feeling like i’ve made new friends.  here are some sweet words from people i’ve had the opportunity to work with.


A friend referred me to Shara and Bachmanville Photography for my newborn photos.  I was so excited to get professional photos done after an interesting attempt at Sears for my first son. My experience was 100% positive and I was so impressed with Shara’s warmth and attention to detail.  Watching her pose my newborn was really amazing.  Her slow movements, gentle touch and patience were something I’d never seen before.  She doesn’t rush through the shoot and waits for baby fingers or toes to be just right before taking the photo.  Our family photo turned out better than I could have hoped for and she even got some great sibling shots with my toddler.  I was very happy with our images and everyone who has seen them has remarked at how great they turned out.  We received access to our photos quickly with detailed instructions on how to download the images.  I am looking forward to returning to Shara for more photos as my children grow.  She is great with kids; my son didn’t want to leave her studio.  She loves what she does and it shows in her work.  Thank you Shara for capturing my family and our tiny baby with beautiful images!

Jen, Aliso Viejo

As a huge photography fan, while pregnant I spent a lot of time researching to find the perfect photographer to capture newborn shots of our daughter. Once I saw Shara’s work on her site and exchanged a few emails, I felt confident she was the perfect one.   When we arrived at her studio, she was very welcoming and immediately we could tell she absolutely loved what she does and has a very calming way of making the parents and the baby feel at ease. Our daughter was so comfortable and happy to sleep or do any pose Shara wanted. I was thoroughly impressed by her extensive prop, blanket, headband and backdrop selection. The poses, props and creative layouts she selected for our daughter were exactly what we had hoped for, and honestly exceeded our expectations. Imagine how excited we were when we were this pleased and impressed with Shara, and the overall experience, and we hadn’t even seen the pictures yet. Before we’d even left the session, we’d already talked/tentatively booked our next session with her.   By the end of the day of the shoot, we had already received 2 sneak peek photos; which was so quick! We were blown away at how creative, elegant, timeless and ethereal the pictures were. I’m a type-A person who doesn’t use the word “perfect” often, but that’s what they were.  I can’t wait for our 6 month shoot of our daughter with Shara again. I know she’ll be our go-to photographer for all of our milestone pictures of our daughter. Shara is a pro in every sense of the word. Pick Bachmanville Photography and you won’t be disappointed, in the communication, the experience or the photos.   Thanks, Shara for making the experience so fun and exciting! You’re the best!!

Tamara, Foothill Ranch

I’m proud to say that Bachmanville Photography is our official family photographer! Shara is amazing to work with and she makes it all so easy for the customer and super fun for the kids. Our first experience with Shara was for a newborn session. And although I’ve had photos of my kids taken many times, I’ve never had newborn photos taken. Shara was amazing. She told me what to expect, prepared for everything, and knew exactly what she was doing. I came to her studio when my baby was 6 days old and as you can imagine, I was exhausted and pretty  much worthless after having to take care of an infant and 2 older siblings. Shara was a pro with all three kids! She made the older kids have a good time and she was extremely gentle and knowledgeable with our little one. And let me tell you, the woman worked HARD! She was adjusting him, moving him around, trying to get him to go back to sleep, changed his clothes…it was more than I expected in the 3 hours I was there, but I was sure grateful. And at the end of it all, I have incredible photos of our newborn and all three kids that I will cherish.  We also had Shara take our family Christmas photos last year. This time it was at a park, and Shara was able to capture the beauty of the landscape along with the joy and enthusiasm of our entire family. She asked what each of the older kids liked in advance so that she could find a way to talk to each one and gain their trust and attention. It was magic! Usually photos for us are filled with a lot of bribery, complaining and crying, but Shara made it effortless. And again, we had beautiful photos to send out for Christmas and display in our house. I definitely plan to continue using Bachmanville Photography for all of our family’s milestones!

Anisha, Irvine

Shara is as good as it gets! She has done all the photos for my second child: maternity, newborn, 6 months and one year. Every session has been phenomenal; I love my photos so much. Shara is friendly and easy to work with and strives to do the very best for all her clients. She is so patient with everyone and even if you think your kids aren’t cooperating and there’s no way she could have taken good photos, she does it!  I cherish all the photos I’ve received from Shara and I really love the way she does her pricing; there is just one fee! You don’t have to choose just a few prints to buy a la carte like with most photographers; she will give you about 30 retouched digital images for you to print and post to social media as you like. So fantastic! Seriously, if you’ve never been to another photographer, I will tell you it’s so disappointing to have to sit through 50 good photos and know that you’ll be charged $25+ per print. We only have about 25 professional prints from our first child’s entire first year because of that kind of pricing strategy. For our second child, we have about 100 because we went with Shara! I’m so thankful!  We look forward to referring more family and friends to Bachmanville Photography and working with Shara for many, many more years!

Lauren, Irvine

I’m so happy we decided to book Shara for newborn photos for my son. He is my last baby and I wanted to have the photos as a keepsake for him and our family. I was immediately impressed with Shara’s warm personality and how comfortable she made my family feel when we arrived. She took so much time to get the precise positions for our son and made it look so easy! She is the baby whisperer- she is truly amazing at what she does with newborns. She also made my other two children feel right at home in her studio and got them to do some great poses. We were extremely happy with the results. Everything was done in a professional and timely manner. We were so impressed we definitely look forward to using Shara for future family photos.

Monica, Fountain Valley

Bachmanville Photography has captured moments in my family’s life I will treasure forever and is everything you want from a family photographer.  From pictures of the whole family, to a newborn session with my twin boys, Shara is brilliant at capturing the soul and personality of her subjects, especially kiddos regardless of what mood they’re in, while also making them look their best, leaving you with more shots that you love than you have wall space for.  She is also a bit of a magic maker.  When I was put on strict bed rest I thought my maternity session was a bust, but she came to my home and magically made me look and feel beautiful, saving and capturing a moment that meant so much to me and that my boys will cherish in the years to come.  Working with her is wonderful.  She is prompt, organized, professional and sweet.  She also was great at preparing us and helping us think through every aspect so we got the pictures we really wanted.  I was in awe watching her work during our twins newborn session.  She had prepared for every detail, including keeping our boys happy and peaceful, so we got tons of different shots including ones with props and others that captured the sweet up close details of their faces.  I have loved my experience with Bachmanville Photography, who is now our family photographer and would highly recommend her for newborn, children and family portraits to anyone.

Jessica, Irvine

I couldn’t have asked for a better photographer or better photos. I have never received as many compliments as I have from any previous photo session as those done with Bachmanville Photography. The photos absolutely speak for themselves. No bragging necessary. She is incredibly creative in her use of props and choosing the setting. She works fabulously with kids and leaves nothing for you to do as the parent.  She gets down to business quickly because she knows that kids don’t last, yet you would never know it by looking at the quality and quantity of the images she captures. Her turnaround time is extremely fast. And lastly, I hope you have room in your life for another friend, because you’ll want Shara to be one of yours. An absolute joy to work with.

Emily, Newport Beach

I’ll try not to gush but I love Shara and the pictures she has taken of our family.  The pictures with Shara have given me a renewed passion for capturing our family in each season of life.  We have done three sessions so far and anticipate many more.  Getting an email in my inbox that my pictures are ready for viewing feels like Christmas.  With our 1st set I hoped and was optimistic after a great photo shoot that we would have one “good one.”  I looked at the first picture and was so excited to have found “the one” until I realized there were so many “good ones” that I lost count.  My family and my newborn have been so beautifully captured by Shara and I’m so thankful.

Kaitlyn, Costa Mesa

Shara did a fantastic job photographing my newborn son. As a first time mom, I would be nervous handing over my 5 day old son to just anyone, but Shara had my complete confidence. Not only was she great at getting him comfortable and into position for shots, but she also was extremely patient with waiting for the right moment to capture him. I would highly recommend Shara to anyone looking to capture those special moments of a newborn, she is truly a professional!

Kelli, Costa Mesa

Our family has considered Shara our family photographer since our first photo shoot! We did our maternity, newborn, and milestone pixs of our son all with her.  We are planning on her doing our second sons newborn photos when he arrives too! She is amazing and talented and is passionate about what she does. She is quick to respond to my questions, she listens to ideas we’ve had to accommodate our wishes, and she was fantastic in working with us and our son (from newborn to 1 year old)  Her work is beautiful, creative, utilizes a variety of props, accessories, and backgrounds, and these pixs are memorable keepsakes that document milestones in our family. (I want a girl just for the adorable accessories she has for newborn girls) Her galleries are fun to look at in general or get ideas, just be warned you may get baby fever. =p  Her pricing in straightforward and in our eyes, having the digital copies is very valuable so I can take my time and do a variety of things with them. For how many photos she takes, it’s a relief you don’t have to pick and choose because that would be so difficult with so many amazing ones of your precious one. You get all the photos color, black and white, and last set sized for social media. You can choose to have studio pixs or outside, and her work specializes in light: which is what we love in photography.  I highly recommend Shara. We are so thankful to have so many precious moments captured already for our family!

Charis, Garden Grove

Shara has pretty much taken every kind of picture for our family from maternity to hospital, birth, newborn, and family.  I am constantly impressed with her in all areas.  She is very professional and accommodating.  She is amazing with the kids and very patient, as we all know trying to get good photos of our kiddos is not easy.  Her studio is really clean and tidy.  She has a huge assortment of props, headbands, wraps and many other beautiful things for newborn sessions.  I have seen her do a couple newborn sessions besides my own and she is amazing at it!  We have been overjoyed with the photos she has taken and would recommend her to anybody who is looking for a photographer.  You will be very glad you chose her.

Jenna, Costa Mesa

She’s amazing, just truly amazing.  The way she comforted my precious baby, the way she soothed her, and even her studio had me amazed.  Truly a great experience.

Jonathan, Seal Beach

Shara is amazing! My husband and I are so happy we chose her work. She is very fun to work with, very easy going, she has a keen eye for photography! Another thing, she is very quick with her response and does keep her word on when she will get back to you on your photos. Love her! Her photos shows it all…. icon smile client love

Jennifer, Garden Grove

We’ve had 3 sessions with Shara (newborn session in studio, family mini session, & single child 1-year session). She provided THE CUTEST props, suggested lovely locations, gave advice on clothing, and captured priceless moments each time. Shara is beyond talented and made us feel extremely at ease with her patience, contagious smile, and professionalism. We HIGHLY recommend her.

Amanda, La Mirada

Elegant. Thoughtful. Organized. Creative. Talented. Warm.

Shara is my favorite photographer by far.  See, anyone can get lucky and take a pretty picture (I’ve done it, you probably have too), but it takes a special photographer to do what Shara does. Her work’s not only breathtakingly beautiful, she also manages to capture the very essence of my children time and time again.   I drive all the way from Northern California to work with Shara. The gorgeous pictures hanging on my walls and the memories of my little ones are worth the effort.

Erin, San Mateo

I chose to have my newborn’s first photos taken by Bachmanville Photography after I read all the great yelp reviews, and I was not disappointed. Bachmanville Photography is the best option if you’re looking to have the most adorable photos ever! Shara is simply the best. Not only is she a consummate professional, but she is also so sweet and accommodating. I would highly reccommend Bachmanville Photography to anyone seeking a family photographer.

Heather, Mission Viejo

I have had the pleasure of having Shara shoot my maternity, newborn session, family session and my daughters 6 month photos. There is not one single image she has taken that I do not LOVE and my daughter has made her work to get some of those amazing shots icon smile client love She has made the vision I have had for every single session come to life and I look forward to seeing what new ideas she has thought up with every new session I book. You cannot go wrong with Shara, she is the best!

Kristen, Long Beach

Shara is an amazing photographer. We had a perfectly pleasant experience with her. First of all she makes it so easy, you just sit back and she does it all. It was painless!! She even had toys for my 3 year old son to play with while we waited.  She also managed to make him smile and laugh for his picture, which is so great because he is usually extremely shy. Shara was so professional! She knows what she is doing! She is definately a baby whisperer. I was so impressed with how well she handles babies. She had everything setup from a nice warm temperature to keep the baby comfortable to a sound machine so the baby stays asleep. She has a huge amount of patience, even when things got a bit difficult she never seemed irritated or got frustrated. She is extremely talented! Our pictures came out beautifully! We will continue to use her for any pictures we do in the future and I definitely recommend her to everyone!

Mary, Huntington Beach

Shara has done an amazing job with both my sons newborn photos and my first borns 1 year shoot.  She is so creative and unique with her props and staging.  I haven’t met any photographer with her vision; she sees things that the ordinary mind cannot and then she captures it on cameras… She also managed to keep my sons calm and happy during their photos shoots (I even left the room with them alone!) icon smile client love I’m so happy with her results that I know we will use her again!  Not to mention that I’ve sent all my friends her way!  Thanks Shara for everything!!

Sumita, Tustin

Shara is such a talented photographer!  We had the privilege of having her photograph our newborn and our two children and the creativity, passion and kindness that she shows is amazing.  I have never been so delighted and excited to see the photos of our princess.  If you are looking for a photographer to capture your special moment than Shara is for you.  The BEST experience ever !!

Kelly, Newport Beach

My experience with Bachmanville Photography was incredible. I was nervous that the session would be chaotic since my daughter was already a month old, but Shara managed to keep her asleep the whole time and the photos came out amazing!!! She was very prepared and efficient. I had access to all the photos within days of the session. I can’t wait to have her do more photos for us!

Pati, Mission Viejo

Shara was so friendly and accommodating – my son was born a week early and she moved her schedule around so that he would still be brand new in his pictures.  I loved watching Shara work her magic with him – she was so patient!  The pictures are absolutely beautiful.  Shara is a true artist.

Kaydi, Santa Ana