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this little family is pretty special to me. we've been friends for a long, long time and i love them so! i was so happy to capture them when they came down for a visit  a few weeks ago. little ephram just turned one whole year old... do you remember him from his newborn session last year? he was the cute little baby in the glasses, so of course we had to take a few

ethan + mason came to my studio almost a year ago for their newborn session and i totally fell in love with this sweet family. so when their mommy asked me to photograph their first trip to disneyland for their {almost} one-year photos, i was so excited! disneyland + babies = some of my favorite things. ethan + mason weren't always too sure how they felt about it, and sweet ethan was happiest while chewing on

this beautiful baby girl is already six months old! seems like she just had her newborn session, but now's she's sitting and smiling like a big girl. miss hartley... you are a lovely little lady.

a beautiful baby boy with big brown eyes. aidan was just in my studio for his newborn portraits, and in a blink he was back... i'm always amazed at how quickly these babies grow! aidan was pretty serious for our session, but still such a sweetie. can't wait to see him again in just a few months!

this baby girl holds a very special place in my heart. i had the amazing privilege of capturing her birth, meeting her sister for the first time, and documenting each month of her life (which you won't get to see until she's one!). her newborn session is also a favorite. little mayson is pure sunshine... full of smiles and precious baby giggles. sweet girl-  you are so, so loved.

oh mr. ellison- how have you grown so fast? didn't we just take your newborn portraits? now here you are- so full of joy and smiles, and sitting up like such a big boy. what a precious little guy you are. big sister sianna came along so of course we had to take a few portraits of beautiful big sister, too

it feels like i just had little mateo in my studio for his newborn session, but he is already six months old! this little guy is just too cute, and mommy brought along some really stylish duds for his session! mateo, you are a precious little guy.  but could you grow up a little slower, please?  :)  

jaiden :: one year old

August 27, 2013

i can't believe this sweet baby boy is turning one! i met him at his newborn session and he had me with those eyelashes. he is absolutely darling, and full of spunk and smiles. jaiden... you are such a special little guy!

it feels like i was just photographing evan's newborn session, and now he's a happy little six month old! i love getting to see these sweet babies grow up.        

can't believe this sweet little guy is already a year old! i first met him at just four weeks old for his newborn session, and then got to see him again for his 6 month session. he is full of spunky smiles and sweetness, and he continues to have the best hair ever. and just for's a sweet photo from austin's newborn session...