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this sweet baby girl....i could have taken photos of that beautiful little face forever! emma belle, you are one special baby girl.

so tiny. so beautiful.

darling little eli loved being on his back and slept so peacefully for me.

this handsome little guy wasn't on my schedule until may, but he decided to arrive five weeks ahead of schedule.  such a tiny peanut with totally awesome hair.

darling little millie wasn't too sure about me at first, but once she realized she could crawl she was quite happy to show off her skills!

isn't she lovely?

this handsome little hunk had us busy keeping up with him! it feels like i was just photographing him at his newborn session... and now he's such a big boy! he still has those amazing eyelashes and a super cute smile to match.

beautiful capri le- her middle name means happiness. i think she was named perfectly. and with those amazing lips, i bet her mommy + daddy just kiss her all the time.

i adore my job. i have the incredible privilege of photographing brand new babies- each of them so beautiful. so special so unique. and every once in awhile....the baby is extra special to me, because it's the baby of a friend. andrew and cambria are some of our closest, dearest friends- the kind of friends you go on vacations to other countries with.  we watched them meet, fall in love, and stood beside them at

she's an itty-bitty bundle of sweetness