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there have been a lot of baby boys around here lately, so i admit i was pretty excited for little miss adeline. i had a few fun new girlie hats to try out, and she modeled them perfectly! sweet adeline was a perfect little baby for us, and i just fell in love with her! she is absolutely beautiful. i can't wait to meet her two big brothers.. they are going to have their hands full :)

this little guy is just plain awesome. which makes sense, since he comes from a pretty awesome family. the cutest little nose, beautiful lips, and sweet chubby cheeks... every part of tate is just perfect.

not one, but two beautiful babies! connor + mackenzie were almost a month old, but still so little and sweet. mackenzie has the most beautiful little rosebud lips. and connor's eyelashes are the longest i've ever seen... the boys always get the best lashes! i absolutely loved getting to spend a morning with this gorgeous little brother + sister.  

this baby girl is extra special to me... she's my new niece! i was in love the minute i laid eyes on her. those perfect little lips and awesome hair... her big brothers are going to be busy protecting her when she gets bigger! love you so, sweet adalyn! xoxo- your auntie.

this little girl had me at hello. maybe it's because her name is charley... which is adorable. or the fact that her hair naturally spikes up in cute! she was just too perfect. miss charley was sleepy and happy the whole time (as long as she stayed off her tummy) so we got to try out lots of fun things!

 if children are anything like their parents, then this little boy is going to be extraordinary. daddy plays volleyball for the us national team, and mommy ran 1800 miles while she was pregnant with this little guy! (that is not a typo!  1800 miles.  i could barely walk around the block when i was pregnant!) cohen will also be quite the world traveler, living in different countries while his daddy plays volleyball. i think he's already been