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her big sister was my very first newborn... what an honor to capture this family as they grow

she was perfectly perfect for her session. and just breathtakingly beautiful .

he may win the award for best hair <3

eleanor :: newborn

June 21, 2017

when you put off blogging for over a year and are trying to get caught up, sometimes you blog a newborn session the day after she comes in for her 7 month session ;) i can't wait to share how much this sweet love has grown!  it's extra fun to look back and see her as an itty bitty newborn

damian :: newborn

June 16, 2017

cal :: 7 months

June 16, 2017

cadence :: one year

June 16, 2017

oh, this sweet girl. she was one of my favorite newborn sessions, but she wasn't so sure how she felt about pictures now that she was a year old. but that sweet little pout can't help but melt your heart!  (and we did still get a few smiles!)

his name is bruce. he's itty bitty. i loved him.