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i adore my job. i have the incredible privilege of photographing brand new babies- each of them so beautiful. so special so unique. and every once in awhile....the baby is extra special to me, because it's the baby of a friend. andrew and cambria are some of our closest, dearest friends- the kind of friends you go on vacations to other countries with.  we watched them meet, fall in love, and stood beside them at

this sweet baby boy is extra special to me.... he is my nephew, the new son of my younger brother and sister-in-law. but i can say without any bias at all- he's pretty perfect. jacob and stephanie and their kids live in fresno. since i didn't have my normal studio set-up, we headed outdoors to capture a few

happy halloween 2014!

October 31, 2014

happy halloween!!! every year, i just LOVE coordinating my kids halloween costumes.... in 2013 they were peter pan, wendy, and tinkerbell in 2012 they were captain america, wonder woman, and catwoman in 2011 they were dorothy, the tin man, and the lion well this year... my kids had their own ideas.  the girls wanted to be elsa and anna from frozen (along with every other little girl on this continent) and my son wanted to

like pretty much 99% of the world, my girls are completely 'frozen' crazy. since it came out last november, our home has been filled with constant singing and pretending. and all they wanted for christmas was "frozen stuff." when we headed to the snow earlier this year, they insisted on bringing their costumes and taking pictures. (of course i said yes!) a few months ago, charlotte started telling me she wanted a 'frozen'


November 28, 2013

today and everyday. there are so many amazingly good things in my life. a faithful and loving god.  my friends and family.  my home.  the opportunity to do something i love for work.  the best clients ever. but these four people…. there just aren't words to express the joy they bring me everyday. so on thanksgiving day and everyday- i am grateful for these incredible gifts god has blessed me with.

today my daughter turned six years old. to say that i can't believe it would be the understatement of the year. she still feels like my baby girl, and yet... she is growing up. and oh, how i love the girl she is growing up to be. this has been a big year for isabella. she started kindergarten and is already learning to read.  i love to watch her try to read, and the jubilation

 this year for halloween, jackson, isabella + charlotte transformed  into peter pan, wendy, and tinker bell.  we spent a lovely evening playing together in neverland....         (in case this is your first time checking out bachmanville photography, these are definitely different than my photographs normally look, but we wanted them to look dreamy and 'neverlandy' :)  ) and here is last year's superhero halloween session in case you need more costume cuteness

three weeks ago, my little boy lost his top tooth. he was ecstatic. i totally cried (i mean.... he looked so big!) his other top tooth has been very loose too, so we knew it was just a matter of time. today i picked him up from second grade to see his tooth BACKWARDS in his mouth. no joke.  backwards.  hanging by a thread.  (i'm not going to lie.  it was gross) we drove over to

the frazier family

June 13, 2013

a few weeks ago, our family gathered for a huge family reunion. it was so fun getting to see cousins, aunts, and uncles that we don't see very often. my favorite thing was having my 'little' brother and his family come down for the week. little macie had never been to the beach before, so we had a fun morning capturing her exploring the sand, avoiding the waves, and chasing the birds. and to

going blue

April 2, 2013

one in eighty-eight children are diagnosed with autism. our little boy is one of those children.   april 2nd is autism awareness day, and today we wear blue to support children and families everywhere living with autism. jackson, you are the MOST precious little boy, and i wouldn't change a thing about you. i celebrate exactly who god made you to be, and today we recognize the extra challenges you face in life. we will always be here to