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i get to photograph a lot of newborns, and it is always amazing to me when i photograph a one-year-old. in one short year, these little people go from sleeping, crying infants, unable to do anything on their own. just a short year later, they are walking, beginning to talk, eating real food, and playing. beautiful baby jaxon is almost one year old, and full of sunshine. i have no doubt this past year has

the rottschafer family

December 19, 2012

three curly-haired cuties. an incredible mommy + daddy. this family has been such an inspiration and encouragement to me. are awesome (and adorable). the weather report had called for rain during our session. we were all prepared with cute umbrellas + rain boots. of course the sunshine was beautiful and much preferred to rain with three little kiddos. but they were super excited about umbrellas & stomping in puddles.... so why not? side note... getting three little boys

the charlton family

December 18, 2012

a beautiful evening in laguna beach with this fun, gorgeous family. i love what i do.

the dunn family

December 12, 2012

beautiful nature. gorgeous evening light. the love of a family. perfection.

the friend family

November 25, 2012

this beautiful family was full of spunk and fun! two energetic boys, a face-full of orange highlighter, and a goldfish-loving little sister.... we were busy during this session. but the love and joy this family has for one another is a joy to be around. thank you, friend family!  you guys are awesome.

i think it goes without saying, the best thing about a baby's first birthday is watching them eat their cake. some kids dig right in and paint themselves with frosting. and others decide they want nothing to do with it. it's always so fun to watch them discover something totally new, and see their little personalities come out in the process. i got to spend a morning with sweet little lyla and her loving parents. she

the chen family

October 27, 2012

i got to meet this sweet little family on a warm day in old town orange. emily is almost a year old and already walking! our session was her first time wearing shoes and walking around outside... all that to say- she was WAY more interested in running away from us than taking any pictures. but even with emily on the run, we still got some great pics of this adorable family.  

raegan- one year old

February 23, 2012

oh, one year olds. so adorable as they are learning to run around. their bodies still round and chubby with little rolls. their teeth still coming in. their delight at everything around them. sweet raegan is no exception. she just turned one in january and is an absolute joy. she is full of sunny smiles and curiosity at the big world around her. i had the privilege of photographing raegan & her beautiful parents last fall. it was exceptionally