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this tiny little peanut made it clear that she is not only beautiful but that she knows what she wants…. she made me work! as always…. totally worth it. sweet little ava, you are precious. i don't typically do 'themed' set-ups or use any props from home, but i do make an exception for parents that serve our country. her daddy served

such an itty bitty little beauty

oh alexander. i knew when i met you at your hospital session that we were going to have so much fun in the studio with that amazing hair, your awesome rolls, and those perfect little lips. you definitely didn't disappoint.

i had the amazing privilege of meeting this new little family of three just hours after little alexander came into the world. i don't get to do hospital sessions very often, but it is such a precious add-on to the studio session. the sweetness of these new parents looking adoringly at every little feature on the baby they have been anticipating the past nine months just takes your breath away.

annabella :: ten days old

September 25, 2014

such a lovely baby girl

there is no greater compliment than when a family keeps returning for me to capture the big moments in their lives. i first met this beautiful family for big brother jaiden's newborn session two years ago. now sweet little dylan is here and he is beyond perfect. those lips! those eyelashes! that hair! perfect i tell you. this blue blanket is a special blanket from

precious, tiny little kaylee. she was a perfect little sleeper for the first half of her session... then she woke up and decided she wasn't too sure about being a model. i wasn't worried since we already had more beautiful pictures than her parents will know what to do with!  i hope mommy + daddy have a lot of space on their walls….

i totally fell head over heels for little charlie. not only is he too adorable for words (i mean… that hair!), he was a perfect little model for me. sweet charlie, you are awesome.

this foxy little guy came to my studio eyes open and ready to party! it definitely took some work to get him sleepy and ready for his portraits, but man-oh-man….that little fox set-up made it all worth it! and seriously…. those lips!  such a handsome baby boy. i first met landyn's mommy + daddy at their maternity session…. so sweet to see this

this little lady was an absolute dream baby... 1- she's gorgeous.  2- she slept through the entire session the next thing i knew, i had taken TWICE as many photos as i normally do! so…. enjoy an extra long blog post of this lovely little one. mommy brought in her veil and headpiece from her wedding