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i love newborns. and i love my newborn sessions with the bows and little beds and all the perfect cuteness. newborn sessions are so much fun. but there is something extra special about hospital sessions. seeing a family with their brand new addition. watching them all interact. get to know one another. it is a very intimate, personal moment. i always feel so honored to get to capture that. this hospital session was extra special as it was with some

 if children are anything like their parents, then this little boy is going to be extraordinary. daddy plays volleyball for the us national team, and mommy ran 1800 miles while she was pregnant with this little guy! (that is not a typo!  1800 miles.  i could barely walk around the block when i was pregnant!) cohen will also be quite the world traveler, living in different countries while his daddy plays volleyball. i think he's already been

 this is a special little man. and he has no idea how lucky he is to be born into this family. sweet beckham ryan was scheduled to arrive february 16th, but surprised us all and arrived early in the morning on february 4th! jeff & i were at hume lake last weekend... i was pretty excited little man came early so we could meet him in the hospital. beckham is absolutely beautiful. and tiny! 6 pounds 2 ounces... a