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when this beautiful girl came for her newborn session, i may have squealed out loud when i saw her. that hair! those eyelashes! those lips! her mommy + daddy requested some privacy for some of her set-ups, so here are just a few of the portraits from this lovely little lady's session.

oh beautiful little charlotte... she was as feisty as her strawberry hair would suggest. she made me work hard, but it was so worth it. just look at her sweetness. charlotte's big sister, claire, was one of the very first newborns i ever photographed! she is already an amazing big sister.

this precious baby boy arrived much earlier than expected...  i had just posted his parent's maternity session when i saw on facebook that he arrived! after a few weeks of getting strong and healthy in the hospital, he came in for his newborn session. one thing is certain… grady is going to a very loved little boy.

this little guy was so tiny, most of my hats wouldn't even fit him! he wasn't too sure about taking pictures, but despite that, he still gave me some sweet smiles. jameson…with those eyelashes and adorable smile….you are already something special.   i had the privilege of photographing his big sister hartley's newborn session just fourteen months ago, and have loved

this tiny little beauty surprised everyone by arriving quite a bit earlier than expected.  after a few weeks of getting stronger in the hospital, she came to see me in my studio. her mommy requested lots of beachy, ocean colors, and i had so much fun styling her session. sweet marina skye….you are absolutely precious, little one. i have a

sweet little william is completely swoon-worthy. when i found out he would be exactly one month old for his session, i was a bit nervous. ( i typically photograph my newborns between 4-10 days of age.)  although he wasn't quite as willing to get all curled up, he still did an amazing job! get ready for a whole lot of cuteness.

those cheeks! that blonde hair! beautiful baby jake is quite the handsome little guy. and with such a great big brother and sisters, i know he is going to be very, very loved. i first met this family at their maternity session…. what an honor to capture these sweet moments.

this is one beautiful little baby girl. and those eyelashes…. i just love how they're blonde on the tips! i could have snuggled with this sweet little love forever.

such a precious, tiny little peanut.

this precious girl…. blakely was a dream baby for me, letting me pose her for so many beautiful set-ups. not to mention... she is absolutely stunning! her big brother and sister are pretty gorgeous too… looks like lovely runs in this family. blakely- you are something special.