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the dunn family

December 12, 2012

beautiful nature. gorgeous evening light. the love of a family. perfection.

the meschuk family

December 6, 2012

i first met jodie when she brought beautiful baby adeline in for her newborn session. i totally loved both of them (and those photos are still some of my favorites). we have a lot in common, so it was great to get to meet the boys in her life for a family session. all three kiddos are absolutely beautiful and so precious. we got to watch the trains coming into the station, which was BIG

the fajardo family

December 2, 2012

this is the third time this year i've been able to photograph this family, first for maternity photos, and then for little olivia's newborn session. since the maternity pics, they have become very sweet friends.... they are truly a remarkable, fun family. fajardos... i not only like you, i love you guys!

the states family

November 29, 2012

one of my favorite things is when i meet amazing people as clients, and then i get to work with them again. i first met this family when little maliyah was a newborn, and look how she has grown! this family has been through a lot this year- soon after maliyah was born, leith was sent to afghanistan for three months. i was inspired and encouraged to watch their faith through this time... they truly are

the friend family

November 25, 2012

this beautiful family was full of spunk and fun! two energetic boys, a face-full of orange highlighter, and a goldfish-loving little sister.... we were busy during this session. but the love and joy this family has for one another is a joy to be around. thank you, friend family!  you guys are awesome.

the gagne family

November 15, 2012

i had the privilege of spending a beautiful afternoon with the gagne family. the two boys are absolutely precious, and it's always fun when i get to use all my farm animal noises to get a smile :)

the thompson family

November 4, 2012

i had never met the thompsons before our session, but i left feeling like we were old friends. the kids are tons of fun... little mia had me laughing the whole time- she is quite the little posing machine! and there is just obvious love oozing out of each of them for one another. thank you, thompsons, for a lovely evening. you are a fabulous family.

the chen family

October 27, 2012

i got to meet this sweet little family on a warm day in old town orange. emily is almost a year old and already walking! our session was her first time wearing shoes and walking around outside... all that to say- she was WAY more interested in running away from us than taking any pictures. but even with emily on the run, we still got some great pics of this adorable family.  

the frazier family

October 23, 2012

this family is extra special to me. this is my big brother, my beautiful sis-in-law, and my adorable nephews. i love that we live close enough to see one another and that our kids can grow up together. they are pretty awesome... i think it must be genetic :). this is liam.  he's five. he's crazy-athletic and all sorts of spunky fun. this is aidan. he's eight. he's super smart and a mega-talented artist.  and he was game mvp right

remember this family? well sweet miles is here! he had quite an exciting journey making it into the world... i have no doubt there is lots of excitement ahead for this precious little boy.