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this little bundle of cuteness came to my studio at just 2 1/2 days old! he was a great sleeper and we had lots of fun with him. caleb is a lucky little guy... he's joining an amazing family!

it is such an honor to be invited into a family's home to photograph precious moments of the everyday. this sweet family just welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world, and wanted to have a regular evening in their home captured. i love the simple moments... big brother jack peeking into her crib. cleaning endless bottles for two little ones. daddy calling to tell them he's almost home. baths in the sink. soothing a fussy tummy. running

these little boys arrived at 38 weeks along... quite a miracle considering their mommy was put on strict bed rest at 23 weeks. god is so good! luke jeffrey was the chunker weighing in at seven pounds, seven ounces and already has a feisty personality. beau kenneth was six pounds, four ounces and already giving sweet little smiles. it was an honor to capture them in the hospital all bundled up and new.    

little jadon was only six pounds, but already full of smiles. he was the perfect little model for me! this sweet little boy is such a blessing to an amazing family. jadon's big brother, jaxon, was just so sweet, i had to take a few pictures of him, too :)

the coltman family

September 9, 2013

what can i say about this amazing family? they were some of the first people we met in orange county, and i knew immediately we would be friends. they are the definition of fun- you know you are going to have a great time when you're with the coltmans! they are also incredibly thoughtful, generous, and gorgeous inside & out. we had a lot of fun (and silliness) with their family session in san

jaiden :: one year old

August 27, 2013

i can't believe this sweet baby boy is turning one! i met him at his newborn session and he had me with those eyelashes. he is absolutely darling, and full of spunk and smiles. jaiden... you are such a special little guy!

there is nothing sweeter than a precious little baby boy. jaxson's room is monster's inc themed, so mommy wanted some portraits to match :)  

it feels like i was just photographing evan's newborn session, and now he's a happy little six month old! i love getting to see these sweet babies grow up.        

itty bitty, pretty little kinley sue. five tiny pounds and nine ounces..... and oh so precious.

this precious baby girl was a perfect little model for her session. her parents love cycling, so it was fun to incorporate some vintage bicycles. her lovely middle name, ligaya, is after her grandmother, and it means 'happiness' in filipino. sweet sienna... i think that is exactly what you are going to bring to everyone who knows you.