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emma :: one year

June 21, 2017

you don't think she can get any cuter... and then you add cake

i recently posted sweet mayson's one year session, but i still have one more session to share of this beautiful girl. every month, little mayson came over for a quick session, incorporating elements from one of her mommy's favorite pictures from her newborn session. at her last session, we couldn't help but add in a little cupcake smash, too. i'm going to miss taking this beautiful baby's pictures every month. mayson- i just love you to

oh, how quickly babies grow. i have had the very sweet privilege of capturing mr. ellison's life, even before he was born. we've done a maternity session, his newborn session, and a seven month session.... crazy that he is already one year old! i was so excited that mom wanted to do a cake smash…. they are always so much fun! adorable ellison started out his session rather unsure, quietly sucking his little thumb and

it seems like just yesterday little conrad was in my studio for his four month session. now he is almost one year old! conrad is still just as cute, but has definitely become a busy little guy.  he kept us moving the whole time! i absolutely love getting to watch these sweet babies grow up. it's always so much fun to watch these sweet babes try their very first cake. for many of them, it's

little miss olivia. i cannot believe you are turning ONE! it seems like we just photographed your mommy's pregnant belly, and your newborn portraits (which sadly that blog somehow got deleted from the archives) . but here you are... spunky, smiling, and adorable. i love every single one of those chubby baby rolls! we decided to go back to the field we used for olivia's maternity session... amazing the difference that one little year can make. olivia is

i get to photograph a lot of newborns, and it is always amazing to me when i photograph a one-year-old. in one short year, these little people go from sleeping, crying infants, unable to do anything on their own. just a short year later, they are walking, beginning to talk, eating real food, and playing. beautiful baby jaxon is almost one year old, and full of sunshine. i have no doubt this past year has

i think it goes without saying, the best thing about a baby's first birthday is watching them eat their cake. some kids dig right in and paint themselves with frosting. and others decide they want nothing to do with it. it's always so fun to watch them discover something totally new, and see their little personalities come out in the process. i got to spend a morning with sweet little lyla and her loving parents. she