happy halloween 2014!

October 31, 2014

happy halloween!!!

every year, i just LOVE coordinating my kids halloween costumes….

in 2013 they were peter pan, wendy, and tinkerbell

in 2012 they were captain america, wonder woman, and catwoman

in 2011 they were dorothy, the tin man, and the lion

well this year… my kids had their own ideas.  the girls wanted to be elsa and anna from frozen (along with every other little girl on this continent) and my son wanted to be star lord from guardians of the galaxy.  after a crazy fall full of family sessions…. i decided this was the year to let them choose their own.

added bonus- my girls already had their costumes AND we had taken pictures in the snow last winter!

halloween happy halloween 2014! halloween1 happy halloween 2014! halloween2 682x1024 happy halloween 2014! halloween3 happy halloween 2014!

we couldn’t leave jackson out, so i took him into the studio yesterday to capture a few in his costume.halloween4 682x1024 happy halloween 2014! halloween5 happy halloween 2014!

have a safe and fun halloween!

xoxo- shara