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i totally fell head over heels for little charlie. not only is he too adorable for words (i mean… that hair!), he was a perfect little model for me. sweet charlie, you are awesome.

this foxy little guy came to my studio eyes open and ready to party! it definitely took some work to get him sleepy and ready for his portraits, but man-oh-man….that little fox set-up made it all worth it! and seriously…. those lips!  such a handsome baby boy. i first met landyn's mommy + daddy at their maternity session…. so sweet to see this

the last time i saw this little guy, he was just eleven days old at his newborn session. now he's a whole one year old and totally adorable. like many one-year-old sessions, little zach wasn't too sure if he wanted to take pictures, but we still got lots of sweet faces from him.  

this little lady was an absolute dream baby... 1- she's gorgeous.  2- she slept through the entire session the next thing i knew, i had taken TWICE as many photos as i normally do! so…. enjoy an extra long blog post of this lovely little one. mommy brought in her veil and headpiece from her wedding

when this beautiful girl came for her newborn session, i may have squealed out loud when i saw her. that hair! those eyelashes! those lips! her mommy + daddy requested some privacy for some of her set-ups, so here are just a few of the portraits from this lovely little lady's session.

oh beautiful little charlotte... she was as feisty as her strawberry hair would suggest. she made me work hard, but it was so worth it. just look at her sweetness. charlotte's big sister, claire, was one of the very first newborns i ever photographed! she is already an amazing big sister.

this precious baby boy arrived much earlier than expected...  i had just posted his parent's maternity session when i saw on facebook that he arrived! after a few weeks of getting strong and healthy in the hospital, he came in for his newborn session. one thing is certain… grady is going to a very loved little boy.