like pretty much 99% of the world, my girls are completely ‘frozen’ crazy.

since it came out last november, our home has been filled with constant singing and pretending.

and all they wanted for christmas was “frozen stuff.”

when we headed to the snow earlier this year, they insisted on bringing their costumes and taking pictures.

(of course i said yes!)frozen blog028 charlottes 4th frozen birthday party frozen blog026 charlottes 4th frozen birthday party frozen blog027 charlottes 4th frozen birthday partya few months ago, charlotte started telling me she wanted a ‘frozen’ birthday party.

i wasn’t planning on throwing her a party this year, but she started coming up with some really fun ideas.

and how could i say no when she was planning an entire party for me?

one morning she put on her costume and we made this invitation:frozen blog029 charlottes 4th frozen birthday party

i originally thought it would be easy to find ‘frozen’ party items, but apparently there has been a run on all merchandise.

i decided to go with a winter-y nature theme, and i wanted to make as many of the decorations as i could.

i loved the end result.

frozen blog007 charlottes 4th frozen birthday partyi cut out a TON of snowflakes using coffee filters and hung them up in the kitchen/dining room.  i used fishing line to suspend them so it looked as though they were falling.frozen blog011 charlottes 4th frozen birthday partyi also made white paper chains (as in, almost a ream of paper’s worth) and strung them from the ceiling fan out to the walls to create  a feeling of snow covering you from above.frozen blog012 charlottes 4th frozen birthday partymy mom wanted to help me a bit, so she bought some actual ‘frozen’ items to add to the party-

the olaf balloon was a big hit and greeted everyone as they entered the party area

frozen blog008 682x1024 charlottes 4th frozen birthday party

the girls have gotten quite a few frozen toys and items for christmas, so i tried to use those in the decorations as much as possible.  i also printed out a few of the portraits of the girls in the snow to use.  frozen blog005 819x1024 charlottes 4th frozen birthday party

i had a lot of fun coming up with themed food items.

i decorated the food area with pinecones and sticks that charlotte found at the park and wanted to use for her party.  we spray painted them white and added some glitter.  they were the perfect addition!  i layer out some white paper to put under all the food, and then sprinkled fake snow on top for a little shimmer.frozen blog018 768x1024 charlottes 4th frozen birthday party

the girls made these fun little desserts-

‘sven snacks’ isabella made were nutter butters with pretzel antlers, chocolate chip eyes, and a reeses pieces nose.

the ‘happy little snowmen’ charlotte put together with donuts, an orange reeses pieces and some black frosting.

(beware peanut allergies with both of these treats!)frozen blog025 charlottes 4th frozen birthday partyi wanted some healthy options too,

so we had pretzel sticks, carrots, raisins, and cheese sticks (because charlotte is obsessed with cheese).

there were also yummy scones for the parents.  frozen blog003 819x1024 charlottes 4th frozen birthday partycharlotte LOVES cake pops.  like, a lot.

i thought some white ones could be fun- snowballs on a stick!

i tried making them and failed.  miserably. (it is WAY harder than it looks!)

so my incredibly talented friend jackie from ‘hit my sweet spot bakery‘ made me some absolutely gorgeous ones. and they were insanely delicious.  like… i may have eaten 3. or 4.  or… more than i should.

she showed up the morning of the party with all the ‘snowballs’ and…. A CAKE POP OLAF!

seriously. how amazing is that?

if you are in orange county and need cake pops, you MUST use jackie.  frozen blog001 charlottes 4th frozen birthday partyi made some simple white cupcakes with white sprinkles on top.

the cupcake toppers and all the food signs were printables off of etsy from digipartyshoppefrozen blog002 charlottes 4th frozen birthday partyi borrowed this darling drink dispenser from my friend and added some characters to the bottom.  the water was ‘melted olaf’frozen blog006 charlottes 4th frozen birthday party

since the party took place in the morning, we had a hot chocolate and coffee bar.frozen blog021 charlottes 4th frozen birthday partywe had lots of fun things to add to the drinks- it was a hit with both adults and kiddos.frozen blog022 charlottes 4th frozen birthday party

with all the decorations up and the food ready, it was time for the party to start.

we had a lot of super-fun activities planned, all of which charlotte came up with herself!
frozen blog0141 charlottes 4th frozen birthday partywe took our dining room table out and filled the room with kid-sized tables.  to make it a bit more cohesive (and help clean-up) i covered them in tablecloths.

when children arrived, they could either color ‘frozen’ coloring sheets i printed off the internet, or make their own snowflakes.frozen blog016 charlottes 4th frozen birthday party frozen blog015 768x1024 charlottes 4th frozen birthday party frozen blog017 768x1024 charlottes 4th frozen birthday party

after most of the kiddos arrived, the fun really started!

we headed out to the backyard for a ‘snowball fight’ using crumpled up pieces of white paper.

since there were about 30 children of varying ages, we had a little kid round and a big kid round.

this activity was definitely a hit-especially with the older kiddos.

afterwards, they had a little game of  ‘freeze dance’

(pardon some of the iPhone pics from during the party… sometimes you have to take a photo right away and your real camera is all the way across the room) frozen blog019 charlottes 4th frozen birthday partythe kids came inside for the next activity-

pin the nose on olaf!!!frozen blog009 charlottes 4th frozen birthday partyi traced the olaf balloon and made this myself, and then printed carrots off the internet.

each child wrote their name and then took turns putting them on.  it was a lot of fun!frozen blog023 charlottes 4th frozen birthday party

after all the noses were pinned, we moved on to the next activity..

‘do you wanna build a snowman?’

each child received a plate, a cup with frosting and a popsicle stick, and a baggie with marshmallows, chocolate chips, and an orange tic tac.  frozen blog020 819x1024 charlottes 4th frozen birthday partywe had a little mess to clean up after that, so the children headed into the living room for a little sing-along while we got the tables all cleared.

we found ‘let it go’ with the words on youtube and showed it on the tv.


and who doesn’t love to sing that song?frozen blog024 charlottes 4th frozen birthday partythen it was time to sing happy birthday!

frozen blog004 801x1024 charlottes 4th frozen birthday party(and for all the grandparents… here to see a video of her blowing out her candle)

charlotte monroe, you bring so much joy to our lives.

you are spunky, thoughtful, generous, kind, silly, beautiful, and a little bit crazy.

i love how much you adore your siblings and how you think of others before yourself.

you are passionate about everything you love- your family, art, cheese- you are 100% all the time.

your life is a gift to everyone who knows you- it was a joy to celebrate all four of your sweet years.

i love you, precious girl.  happy fourth birthday, charlotte monroe.