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gorgeous little sarina decided to arrive a bit earlier than expected at 33 weeks, so i got to see her when she was already almost four weeks old. she was still just five tiny little pounds and was a perfect little angel for me. sweet sarina… you are lovely.

like pretty much 99% of the world, my girls are completely 'frozen' crazy. since it came out last november, our home has been filled with constant singing and pretending. and all they wanted for christmas was "frozen stuff." when we headed to the snow earlier this year, they insisted on bringing their costumes and taking pictures. (of course i said yes!) a few months ago, charlotte started telling me she wanted a 'frozen'

i recently posted sweet mayson's one year session, but i still have one more session to share of this beautiful girl. every month, little mayson came over for a quick session, incorporating elements from one of her mommy's favorite pictures from her newborn session. at her last session, we couldn't help but add in a little cupcake smash, too. i'm going to miss taking this beautiful baby's pictures every month. mayson- i just love you to

this baby girl is so very special to me. i have had the incredible opportunity to photograph so much of her little life- from her maternity session, to being present at her birth, meeting her big sister for the first time, her newborn session, and her seven month session.  (we've also had a fun monthly project happening that i can't wait to share!) she may be the most well-documented baby ever. we had to

brayden's mommy wanted to surprise his daddy with some sweet valentine photos of their little love bug. she even knit an adorable outfit for him to wear! i fell in love with this little guy at his newborn session just a few short months ago- if it's possible, he's gotten even cuter.  i loved capturing all his precious little expressions. what a little love he is.

  oh carter. you are all smiles and cuteness and big brown eyes. it seems like you were just in my studio for your newborn session, and now here you are, so dapper in your suspenders. what a sweet little guy.

oh, how quickly babies grow. i have had the very sweet privilege of capturing mr. ellison's life, even before he was born. we've done a maternity session, his newborn session, and a seven month session.... crazy that he is already one year old! i was so excited that mom wanted to do a cake smash…. they are always so much fun! adorable ellison started out his session rather unsure, quietly sucking his little thumb and