today my daughter turned six years old.

easter blog003 isabella kristan :: six years old to say that i can’t believe it would be the understatement of the year.

she still feels like my baby girl, and yet… she is growing up.

and oh, how i love the girl she is growing up to be.

bella blog isabella kristan :: six years old this has been a big year for isabella.

she started kindergarten and is already learning to read.  i love to watch her try to read, and the jubilation she expresses when she figures out new words.

she got her ears pierced over the summer.  crazy how two tiny pieces of jewelry can make someone look so much older.

she also asked jesus to live in her heart.  i wasn’t expecting it while driving home from trader joes one day, but i’ll definitely never forget it.

bellas 6th bday1 isabella kristan :: six years old bella is passionate.  determined.  cuddly.  spunky.  artistic.  friendly. enthusiastic. competitive. loyal. silly.  loving.  happy.  a quick learner.  inquisitive.  energetic.  

bellas 6th bday2 isabella kristan :: six years old she loves animals. barbies. anything with sugar.  drawing.  princesses.  legos.  macaroni and cheese.  pink.  her hair down.  dresses.  riding her scooter.  snuggling.  cooking.  reading.  dog with a blog.  her friends.  perfume.  dresses.  bubble baths.  having her nails painted.  scissors and glue.  dinosaurs.  star wars.  sparkly eyeshadow.  sofia the first.  dancing when no one is watching.  taylor swift.  tutus.  drawing hearts and stars on everything.  marie from the aristocats.  jewelry.  palace pets. school.  dress up.  disneyland.

bellas 6th bday3 isabella kristan :: six years old

she does not like having to make her bed.  wearing pants.  being told no.  getting the smaller portion of anything.  mommy’s hair in a ponytail.  vegetables.  being last.

bellas 6th bday4 isabella kristan :: six years old

this year isabella discovered her love for acting in plays, fishing (as long as she didn’t have to touch a worm), and riding space mountain.

she learned how to draw people way better than i can and she will make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich all by herself.

she rode a zipline, jumped off a giant rock into a lake, and got to be cindy lou who.

she does everything “like a boss.”

bellas 6th bday5 isabella kristan :: six years old she says when she grows up she wants to be a doctor for babies and kids.

she said she also wants to be a dancer, an artist. and a mommy.

i told her she can do and be anything she wants to be…..

and i believe it.

bellas 6th bday6 isabella kristan :: six years old

 as crazy as she can make me sometimes, i adore this little girl beyond words.

i love that she knows what she wants, and she isn’t afraid to fight for it

while right now a pink cup doesn’t seem worth fighting over, i know there will be bigger fights down the road.

i pray daily that God will shape and mold her little heart to love and fight for the things that He desires for her.

there will be no stopping this little one.

bellas 6th bday7 isabella kristan :: six years old isabella loves her brother and sister fiercely.  while she is usually involved in whatever argument seems to be happening, she is also always a part of the laughter.  both jackson and charlotte would say that she is their favorite, and everyone is sad when bella isn’t home.  most mornings, charlotte will look up at me sadly and say, “mommy, i just really miss bella when she’s at school.”  she brings life and joy and entertainment to our lives.

bellas 6th bday8 isabella kristan :: six years old

isabella kristan bachman….
you, little girl, are my sunshine.
while i wish that i could freeze you in time, i adore the little girl that you are right now,
and i know i will continue to love who God is making you to be.
watching you reminds me to love big and passionately.
to never stop pursuing my dreams.
and to always, always, savor my dessert.
i don’t know how you are already six years old,
but i can tell you that i have cherished every single day being your mommy.

IMG 5077 isabella kristan :: six years old

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