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the jones family

June 24, 2013

this is {officially} one of my favorite families. ever. jr and i have been friends since elementary school, and i think of her more as a sister than a friend. we may not be related by blood, but in my heart, these guys are family. lovely little adeline (addy) just turned five and loves my little ponies and dancing. my children adore her. griffin just turned two and slays me with the little twinkle of

i love, love, love supporting local mommies doing business. remember my little mamas session?  such great headbands! i was recently contacted by another local business- cheri is in the application process for the television show "shark tank" and needed product photos. "shark tank" happens to be my hubby's so how could i say no? and when i saw how adorable her stuff was, i was super excited to photograph it! i asked my dear friend

happy father's day to all the amazing daddies out there! we have had a super fun day celebrating our favorite daddy here in bachmanville. grayson + jaxon also have an awesome daddy, and their mimi wanted to surprise him with some special pictures for father's day. i can't even imagine how difficult being a single dad must be, but i'm sure this sweet little faces make it all worth it. grayson + jaxon's mimi, debbie, is

the frazier family

June 13, 2013

a few weeks ago, our family gathered for a huge family reunion. it was so fun getting to see cousins, aunts, and uncles that we don't see very often. my favorite thing was having my 'little' brother and his family come down for the week. little macie had never been to the beach before, so we had a fun morning capturing her exploring the sand, avoiding the waves, and chasing the birds. and to

sisters. best friends. how lucky these tiny, beautiful babies are to already have one another. lovely little ashlynn was not very interested in having her pictures taken, and really made us work for it! but in the end, we won and still got some of her perfect little face. beautiful baby brooke was a perfect angel for the entire session, happily sleeping away and letting us pose her any way we liked. to see mommy + daddy's