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remember sweet charley as a newborn? i totally fell in love with her then, and she is just as sweet and adorable now! it is such a privilege to watch these little ones grow. we had to use these adorable little shoes... too bad miss charley did not want to keep them on her feet!     mommy brought back the special blanket we'd used for her newborn session. i love being able to use cherished items, especially

to say i love this family would be an understatement. they are truly an incredible bunch of people, and soon there will be one more! sweet mayson is due in just a few weeks, and i can't wait to meet her! mommy and i already have big plans for her newborn session :)  i have no doubt mayson will be an amazing little person, just like her daddy, mommy, and  big sister, raegan. you are so loved

two perfect, identical brothers. a beautiful new family of four. mason- he was a sweet little sleepy guy the whole time ethan- he decided he wouldn't sleep without brother by his side

something i quickly learned about the krauss family was how much they love one another. i think the best way to describe it is that they adore each other, which is something very special to be around. they have a sweet little boy coming in just a few weeks... what a lucky little guy he is. sweet  sianna marie, is going to love being a big sister!  

sweet baby perfection.

nine little cousins

January 16, 2013

this past christmas, we had the opportunity to spend several days with my husband's family. we all live in different places, so it was extra special to spend a few days together, especially for all the cousins. we have a grand total of nine kids, three per family, ranging from eleven years to six months old. needless to say, it gets LOUD when we are all together, but totally worth all the blown eardrums. we

if anyone says the youth of today is a mess, they haven't met john. smart, hardworking, fun, kind- he truly lives out his faith. john, i know you have great things ahead of you! i am proud of the man you have become. my sweet friend, taylor, is becoming an awesome photographer and joined us for the session. here are two of her photos... pretty great, right? you can check out her blog here.

this beautiful baby girl arrived a bit early, just in time to celebrate christmas. what a sweet gift she is.   mom and dad brought this gorgeous traditional Azorean headwrap to swaddle her up in. isn't it lovely?

the brummel family

January 7, 2013

joy. there are few words that describe this family better. i am so blessed to call them dear friends, so it is always fun to spend time photographing them! it feels like we just had sweet little hannah's newborn session, and now look at what a big girl she is! thank you, brummels, for being awesome in every way. we used this 'special fancy' box for hannah's newborn session. so fun to see how she has