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have a SUPER halloween!

October 30, 2012

happy halloween from the bachman family! we decided on a superhero theme this year: jackson is captain america, isabella is wonder woman, and charlotte is catwoman- ready to rid the world of evil... and candy! have a wonderful night and don't steal too many treats from your kids :)

i love halloween. i don't love the yucky, gory part. but the pumpkin patch, jack-o-lantern carving, and pumpkin pie part... yes. and most of all- i love kids in costumes. admittedly, i start thinking about my own childrens' costumes in the summer. every year, bachmanville photography has a costume portrait day, thanking clients and friends for a great year. this year was SO much fun. over 40 kids in one day... totally crazy, but totally wonderful. sit back and

the chen family

October 27, 2012

i got to meet this sweet little family on a warm day in old town orange. emily is almost a year old and already walking! our session was her first time wearing shoes and walking around outside... all that to say- she was WAY more interested in running away from us than taking any pictures. but even with emily on the run, we still got some great pics of this adorable family.  

the frazier family

October 23, 2012

this family is extra special to me. this is my big brother, my beautiful sis-in-law, and my adorable nephews. i love that we live close enough to see one another and that our kids can grow up together. they are pretty awesome... i think it must be genetic :). this is liam.  he's five. he's crazy-athletic and all sorts of spunky fun. this is aidan. he's eight. he's super smart and a mega-talented artist.  and he was game mvp right

remember this family? well sweet miles is here! he had quite an exciting journey making it into the world... i have no doubt there is lots of excitement ahead for this precious little boy.

while i was in davis a couple weeks ago, i also had the opportunity to do a senior portrait session. i LOVE doing senior portraits and haven't been able to do any in awhile. kylie is absolutely gorgeous, and also a ton of fun. (did i mention that i met her when she was just starting elementary school?  i feel old ;) one of their friends had this beautiful home with tons of land... it

i was so glad that little ephram was born just days before my trip. that meant i was able to take pics of him in the hospital and at his home. but we had to do a real newborn portrait session for him too, even though he was just three days old (not normally when i photograph newborns... just a day or two too early!). he wasn't too sure if he wanted to cooperate with

oh, this baby. his mommy and i have been friends for a long time, so i couldn't wait to see his sweet little face. but he made us wait... an extra 11 days! my plane tickets were already booked, so i was worried he wasn't going to come in time. but he did. and he is perfect.... all 10 POUNDS and 10.6 OUNCES of him! i got to meet him while he was still in the

this little guy was just too cute for words....  

i've had the sweet opportunity to spend some time with the blanchette family lately, first for their maternity session, and then for little jack's newborn session. they are an incredible family that inspires and encourages me. ingrid asked me to come over and take some pictures of them at home- just living life with their new little guy. the lighting wasn't always ideal, and the poses weren't perfect..but  this was just them. at home. together. which