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one of this guy's middle names is wolf, so you know he is awesome. then add in two big brothers, a fire-fighting daddy, and a loving mommy... this little guy is destined for greatness.  

this precious little boy is a gift.   ******************************************************************* if you are looking for the big giveaway, click here

oh, little sophia.  your long eyelashes and perfect little lips. and the squishy little rolls even though you were born early. you are sweetness. and with beautiful isabella for a big sister... there is a whole lot of lovely in your house!       ***and if you're looking for the big giveaway....  click here!***

 this is an awesome family. we are lucky to have them in our life group. they are the type of people that would give you the shirt off your back if you needed it. generous, thoughtful, servant-hearted. we like them. baby miles is due to arrive in just a few short weeks. i have been spending a lot of time in fields lately (which i love), so it was fun to try out something new. we had a

remember john + ingrid? well sweet baby jack arrived, and he is absolutely perfect. (i'm a little late in blogging his session since mommy wanted to do her announcements :) he decided he wasn't too sleepy during our shoot, but we still were able to get some sweet shots of him. jack, you are a lucky little boy. and very, very loved.

i had the opportunity to spend a beautiful summer evening  with florence and billy. they are expecting twin boys in two months! they were fun and easy-going, and i had such a fun time with them. thank you, florence + billy! i have no doubt you will be amazing parents. ezekiel and elijah are already lucky little boys.

there have been a lot of baby boys around here lately, so i admit i was pretty excited for little miss adeline. i had a few fun new girlie hats to try out, and she modeled them perfectly! sweet adeline was a perfect little baby for us, and i just fell in love with her! she is absolutely beautiful. i can't wait to meet her two big brothers.. they are going to have their hands full :)