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sunset. a field of wildflowers. the laughter of a little boy. an gorgeous family anticipating the arrival of a baby girl. this was how i got to spend my monday night. it was perfection! baby olivia is due to arrive in just a few weeks. i can't wait to meet this precious addition to the fajardo family. she is a lucky little girl to be joining such an amazing group of people.  

two :: four :: six

April 3, 2012

i love my children.i love taking pictures of other people's children.i do not, however, always love taking pictures of my own children.for everyday snapshots, it's no big deal.but when i decide i want to really take pictures of them....those are the days when it's crazy windy, the waves at the beach are too big, and someone falls asleep in the car ride over and wakes up cranky.i had wanted to take

going blue

April 2, 2012

 one in eighty-eight children in the united states are diagnosed with autism.our son is one of those children. today we are going blue.april 2nd is world autism awareness day. in honor, we are lighting it up we pray for children and adults everywhere living with we pray for jackson.i wouldn't change a single thing about my little boy.but after a hard weekend for him,i am feeling extra aware of his many