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oh, macie. i love your beautiful eyes, your chunky rolls, your happy little spirit. i can't believe you are six months old already! you bring joy to everyone you meet. i love you, precious girl.  and since easter is right around the corner.... i am one proud auntie!


March 19, 2012

rose is one of those friends you've had so long,you really can't even remember when you met.or how you's like she's just always been there.rose has been a sweet part of our lives for over a decade.we've shared a lot of life together-camps, church, youth ministry, kiddos...the bachmans love rose.(not to mention, rose & i have the same birthday.  i think that automatically makes us kindred spirits)rose has an

my life has been pretty awesome lately.i've had the opportunity to photograph several newborns.the best.i'm especially loving newborns because of what a significant time it is.babies grow so fast... in a few weeks their little bodies stretch out and they wake up to the world.the first week is pretty amazing.this little guy had me from the moment i set eyes on him.all decked out in little jeans and a trendy