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oh, beautiful everly.i loved getting to meet this sweet baby in the hospital last week,and was so excited about our newborn shoot together.  she  wasn't too sure if she wanted to take pictures at first,but after some work we finally got her to sleep!it was worth all the effort-could she be any more precious?i look forward to watching you grow, little one! 

raegan- one year old

February 23, 2012

oh, one year olds. so adorable as they are learning to run around. their bodies still round and chubby with little rolls. their teeth still coming in. their delight at everything around them. sweet raegan is no exception. she just turned one in january and is an absolute joy. she is full of sunny smiles and curiosity at the big world around her. i had the privilege of photographing raegan & her beautiful parents last fall. it was exceptionally

 it feels a little bit like i'm surrounded by babies & pregnant women. maybe i'm hyper-aware of it right now since my baby girl just turned two. so many of my sweet friends are having babies in the next few months, with several of them due in february! it is so exciting to watch these wonderful families grow. i have loved becoming friends with the mccarty family since moving to the oc. i had the privilege of

 this is a special little man. and he has no idea how lucky he is to be born into this family. sweet beckham ryan was scheduled to arrive february 16th, but surprised us all and arrived early in the morning on february 4th! jeff & i were at hume lake last weekend... i was pretty excited little man came early so we could meet him in the hospital. beckham is absolutely beautiful. and tiny! 6 pounds 2 ounces... a